Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of RentalEVN

Lessor: “Rental” LLC under the trading name of RentalEVN

Vehicles provided by contract between costumer and RentalEVN representative:: costumer must has a minimum of 1 year of driving experience and be over 20 years old. Must present a valid driving license, passport, and credit card. International driving licenses are required only if the national driving licenses are not written in Latin letters

RentalEVN offers 2 types of insurance: standard insurance and full insurance.
The standard insurance package – an amount of 100.000 AMD is required as a deposit. This package includes third-party liability, TP (theft protection), and CDW (Collision damage waiver). The deposit is the amount of maximum liability and presents the maximum risk/liability of the tenant. The deposit amount is returned to the lessor if he/she returns the rented car completely the way it was at the moment of pick-up, otherwise, the Lessee has the right to charge from the deposit amount the cost of the damage repair.
A full insurance package can be purchased by paying an additional 8000 AMD per day (maximum 56.000 AMD for 7 days even if the rental agreement is more than 7 days). The extra fee for full insurance is non-refundable. This package includes standard insurance details and covers all the visual damages, removing any responsibility of the lessor if he/she is an authorized driver and is not under influence of alcohol and drugs. A deposit amount of 100.000 AMD is required in case of full insurance.
In case of Standard/Full insurance, costumer must stop the vehicle, call to emergency number (mentioned on the Rental agreement) if the vehicle was damaged, otherwise all responsibility remains with the client and insurance will not work.
 team strongly recommend to make a video of all damages (interior, Exterior) of the rented vehicle, check technical protocol and keep it till the end of the rental period, if video will not be applied on the moment of returning the vehicle, technical protocol will be the sole basis of the damage protocol.

Payment terms
International and Armenian credit cards such as ARCA, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Mir are accepted as well as payment by cash.
If costumer pay by Virtual card, NFC or apple pay, He/ She must provide physical card to the manager of Express Car rental, otherwise payment will not be accepted and costumer will make payment only by cash.
The deposit amount must be preauthorized from a credit card and is automatically returned to the lessor՞s bank account within 2 weeks.

Below are the amounts and cases of paying fines and penalties to the Lessor by the Lessee:
1. Penalty for each missing liter in case of returning the car partially-filled: 700 AMD
2. Penalty for overdue returning car between 2nd and 3rd hours: 15 000 AMD 

3. Expiry of the period between 3rd and 24 hours: full-day rental amount and extras will be charged.

4. Fine of each scratched part will be applied 50 000AMD.

5. Interior damage will be applied 40 000AMD.

6. Vehicles will be provided clean, and costumer will return the vehicle clean. If vehicle was returned dirty (Damages are not recognizable), depends of dirtiness of interior and exterior, Rental agent is responsible to charge costumer from 5000-10000AMD for cleaning.

! Please Don’t put your legs on Shield of the vehicle, seats

Specific rules which should know each Renter

1. In case technical damage, problem:  costumer must stop the vehicle immediately and contact by emergency number on the contract that is available 24/7, he is not allowed to move the vehicle without permission of Representative RentalEVN.

2. Maximum speed in Cities, Towns, Villages is 60 km/h, Out of Cities, Towns, Villages is 90km/h, allowed over speed is 10 km/h.

3. In each crosses Costumer can find a camera, it’s not allowed to cross stop lines and solid lines.

4. All over Armenia you can find speed cameras. For each over speed you will get a police ticket.

5. In Yerevan on the Roads, you can find red dotted lines, which was paid for by RentalEVN.

6. If police stop the vehicle, costumer need to show his Driving license and passport of the vehicle.

Please Save Your and passenger’s life