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The company which was founded in 2017 and diligently was satisfying the all requirements of each customer, today, presents itself to you under the new name ,, RENTALEVN ’’.
Our priority is to make car rental service accessible and unconscionable for every customer. Therefore, ,, RENTALEVN’’ is fully adopted to now-days requirements, reconstructs its fleet and presents to you innovated, comfortable and affordable cars for each client.
The company’s main tasks are: to provide cars for rent in and beyond of the territory of RA, organize insurance, provide high-level service and to have long-term and beneficial relationships with customers.
The trustful communications and extensive information have become the main principles in our working system and the development of our company is based on the trust of our customers. Due to our professional team, and the efficient work, our company satisfies every requirement of our client. Today ,,RENTALEVN’’ has an extensive experience of professional work and due to this, we are immediately solve the tasks set by our clients, because the comfort of our customers is a priority for us.